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Imaging studies of neuronal activity (electroencephalography [EEG]) and of brain metabolic activity (positron emission tomography [PET]), advances in aphasiology, as well as newly documented brain-lesion cases go considerable distance toward confirming the evolutionary antiquity of the processing faculties for nonlinguistic emotive expression and comprehension.
Methods such as aphasiology and neuroimaging are a bit like using bomb craters and blurred satellite photos to understand the long-distance telephone networks" (Pinker, 1999, p.
Burns was elected in recognition of her achievements in teaching and research publication, particularly in the areas of aphasiology, right hemisphere dysfunction and neuropathologies of speech and language.
Paper presented at the Clinical Aphasiology Conference; 2001 Jun; Santa Fe, NM.
Edwards gears this monograph toward various students of aphasiology coming from psychological, linguistic or clinical backgrounds.