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So in this sense the schizophrenic and aphasic objection does not in any way affect Quine's argument.
Grassi et al., "A PET follow-up study of recovery after stroke in acute aphasics," Brain and Language, vol.
These results indicated that different brain areas were involved in processing different categories and that this result could be obtained in a healthy population, not only in aphasic patients.
McNeil and Kimelman [4] suggested that other cognitive impairments in addition to linguistic deficits might compromise the communicative skills of aphasic patients.
Errors resembling semantic paralexias in Spanish-speaking aphasics. Brain and Language, 41, 437-455.
Effects of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Aphasic Stroke A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study.
Tatiana said that looking at direct parallels between the healthy and aphasic volunteers enabled her team to couple location in the brain with specific speech processes.
Under the topic of lexical access, she demonstrates that aphasics often have trouble finding and producing the correct phonological form.
These data suggest that we can at least feel comfortable stating that non-fluent aphasics are superior in terms of functional communication.
Most aphasics (also called asphasiacs) fall into general groups of characteristic symptoms that can be classified as fluent or non-fluent.
Educational rehabilitation and nursing for aphasics in Japan; an acculturation model.
It is not difficult to understand why aphasics fascinate him: 'Aphasics seldom forget that they are part of society.
"We have high-level aphasics (in the support group), and if you meet them on the street, you probably wouldn't even know they had had strokes, but once you've been around them for a while, you begin to see some real issues with word finding," Hutton said.