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someone affected by aphasia or inability to use or understand language

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unable to speak because of a brain lesion

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Analysing sentences from schizophrenics and aphasics is no trivial matter, and understanding the way such sentences go wrong is a flourishing field of psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics.
Validation of the stroke aphasic depression questionnaire using the brief assessment schedule depression cards in an acute stroke sample.
Eventually phenobarbital (16.2 mg twice daily) was started yet he continued to deteriorate remaining aphasic with flaccid paralysis in RUE and lost his ability to protect his airway requiring intubation on hospital day #11.
Crinion, "The latest on functional imaging studies of aphasic stroke," Current Opinion in Neurology, vol.
As stated already, many studies have used some variation of the semantic categorization task in healthy individuals, but to our knowledge there are no such studies in the aphasic population.
(2) When screening aphasic patients, a visual emoticon scale has shown adequate sensitivity and specificity and can be rapidly administered.
We all get a bit aphasic with age, and I started with a disadvantage.
McNeil and Kimelman [4] suggested that other cognitive impairments in addition to linguistic deficits might compromise the communicative skills of aphasic patients.
Aphasic status in Landau-Kleffner syndrome, absence status in juvenile absence epilepsy, NCSE in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and de novo (sometimes recurring) absence status of elderly are other entities listed deserving special attention (2,3).
Also in season two, Kennedy met the challenge of transitioning the character of Otto Gerhardt, played by Michael Hogan, from a powerful 60-year-old patriarch to an aphasic stroke victim with severe frostbite.
One week after the surgery, mild aphasic symptoms occurred and the visual and auditory hallucinations persisted, which displeased Burckhardt, who decided to intervene again, this time on Broca's area (19, 20).
A proposed reinterpretation and reclassification of aphasic syndromes.