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Throughout his illuminating journey with the circus, a Siberian train-crash turns Walser from ecstatic clown into a permanently delirious Shaman's disciple, a concussed, amnesiac, aphasiac apprentice sorcier, who speaks hysterically in tongues, considers the fragments of his English an astral discourse, babbles beating his drum and duly deepens his familiarity with the language of the other so that when Fevvers finds him, he is ready for the interview.
The aphasiacs to whom Foucault referred Jakobson described as having a linguistic 'similarity disorder' or impairment of the ability to freely select and substitute words.
The latter Watt specialized in experimental research on aphasiacs and was particularly interested in the localization (Einstellung) of patients in order to obtain a differentiated reaction in the area of a general orientation of attention.