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Prepare for another aphasiac episode in what Gore Vidal calls the United States of Amnesia.
Hence, the dramatic lyric monologue emerges as the only choice available to the narrator; a type of symbolization which is, however, only a step removed from the scream of the aphasiac and, by implication, the abysses of silence.
Throughout his illuminating journey with the circus, a Siberian train-crash turns Walser from ecstatic clown into a permanently delirious Shaman's disciple, a concussed, amnesiac, aphasiac apprentice sorcier, who speaks hysterically in tongues, considers the fragments of his English an astral discourse, babbles beating his drum and duly deepens his familiarity with the language of the other so that when Fevvers finds him, he is ready for the interview.
19) Among the forms of evidence of the former sort are various more direct types of psycholinguistic evidence for levels of processing from speech errors (Garrett 1988), from processing breakdown in normal and aphasiac subjects (Pritchett 1992, Zurif 1990), and from experiments involving cross modal priming (Swinney et al.
A particularly interesting case here involves aphasiac "speakers" of American Sign Language (ASL), since in this case linguistic and nonlinguistic communication is often in the same (gestural) modality.