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fine-grained homogeneous rock (such as basalt) containing minerals undetectable by the naked eye

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It has been calibrated for the analysis of aphanitic lithic artifacts with 20 international geological certified reference materials (CRMs) containing well-established element concentrations (provided by the United States Geological Survey, Geological Survey of Japan, Institute of Geophysical and Geochemical Exploration, Canadian Certified Reference Materials Project, National Institutes of Science and Technology).
Mineralized breccia outcrops and boulders are composed of gray, aphanitic, crusty rock that exhibits ghosts of breccia fragments through pervasive silicification of the original rock texture.
The chilled margin facies includes dark-grey coloured aphanitic rocks with common vesicle-rich levels (Fig.
Hence, small aphanitic diabasic dykes appear to have been boudinaged, possibly by host magma movement during their emplacement.
The vein follows a North 60 West trending structure that is up to 50 meters wide and together with a dark gray, aphanitic trachyte porphyry dike cuts fractured, sheared, and hornfelthized andesite and diorite wall rocks.
The rhyolite occurs as aphanitic to porphyritic flows and ignimbritic tuffs with flow banding and microporphyritic to porphyritic textures (Fig.
Breccia fragments consist of grey sandstone or shale, minor fragments of aphanitic dacite with minor pyrite, and veinlets of quartz.
The sample consists of light grey, sparsely porphyritic, aphanitic rhyolite with potassium feldspar, and lesser amounts of quartz and granophyre phenocrysts.
5-foot thick aphanitic layer of calcarenitic limestone, commonly marly and fossilifer-ous; (2) a 233-foot thick aphanitic limestone; and (3) a 110.
Within 50 m of the main body, some centimetre-scale beds appear to have melted to thin layers of brownish aphanitic material which locally forms a selvedge around blocks.
Additionally, the Monte Capanne pluton was emplaced at the level of the deepest feeder dykes of the San Marino porphyry with its perfectly euhedral megacrysts (also often aligned by flow) suspended in an aphanitic matrix.
The locality consists of broken outcrop and rubble of weakly cleaved, massive, light yellow-grey felsic tuff, aphanitic to sand-size and aphyric, of the Lower Birch Island Member, in a partly slumped half-metre wall along a roadside ditch on the south (uphill) side of the road.
The remainder of the formation comprises intensely recrystallized, black aphanitic siliceous rocks that contain fa int pink to grey siliceous blotches (relict fragments) up to 5 cm in length, which are probably siliceous lapilli.