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Synonyms for apex


highest point

Synonyms for apex

Synonyms for apex

the highest point (of something)

the point on the celestial sphere toward which the sun and solar system appear to be moving relative to the fixed stars

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It is a matter of debate as to whether apical petrositis always occurs in the pncumatized apex because petrositis has also been described in the nonpneumatized apex, probably secondary to a hematogenously spread infection.
Breakdown and examination of leading product revenue streams of Apex Oil Company, Inc.
APEX Analytix currently serves the second largest customer base of any company in the recovery industry, providing recovery audit services and software for approximately 110 active clients.
Unlike subjective testing of the past, APEX WMA employs proven, industry-leading video and voice analysis algorithms to enable accurate and repeatable content-based video quality assessment.
As with all our services, we are already beginning to identify the processes involved in conducting a freight compliance audit with the intent of automating those functions that can be offered within our FirstStrike[TM] Suite of automated overpayment detection software," said APEX Analytix President Jim Arnold.
Some new features include an open XML API, seamless integration with Apex Nexus[TM], field data and sketching software for mobile Tablet PC's and UMPC's, a universally simplified UI, a vastly improved output, turn-key registration, and Image Overlay Tracing.
The proprietary design plate-type heat exchangers developed, fabricated and supplied by APEX Group are heavy-duty exchangers for handling large volumes of gases for heat recovery and gas handling applications.
The Apex platform, formerly known as the AppExchange platform, is available today.
To better serve their clients and decrease pricing, Apex Software will be selling Medina directly to customers.
Franklin & Seidelmann is now able to provide general radiology services to clients without taking our focus off of what we do best - subspecialty radiology, and Apex clients now have access to some of the best subspecialty radiologists in the country.
The next Apex CE Seminar will be held in Orlando, Florida on November 8 through 11th.
Apex Silver will remain the operator of San Cristobal which is on track to begin production in the third quarter 2007.
MobileSketch contains the most commonly used features from both previous versions and the Apex desktop application.
Apex Software has been setting the standard in sketching solutions for the real estate valuation industry since 1987.
SAN ANTONIO -- Apex Software announced the opening of their Australian office, the first international presence for the company.