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Synonyms for aperture

Synonyms for aperture

an open space allowing passage

Words related to aperture

a device that controls amount of light admitted

a natural opening in something

an man-made opening

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Colpos con membrana apertural granular con granulos de [+ or -] 0,2 [micro]m de alto, el tectum escasamente perforado con perforaciones de [+ or -] 0,1 [micro]m, los muros del reticulo de 0,3 a 0,4 [micro]m de ancho y los lumenes varian entre 0,4 - 1,2 [micro]m de diametro.
Margo formando pliegue apertural de aproximadamente 1 [micron]m, psilado, saliente, y recto a ligeramente ondulado.
Various bulla and unusual apertural coverings are present in many taxa severely complicating identification.
hunteria wedges its apertural lip between the gaping valves, propping the bivalve open so that it can be eaten (Wells 1958, Dietl et al.
Colpos de bordes bien delimitados, con membrana apertural esculturada.
SEM: tectum very perforate, apertural membrane scabrate (116 of Figs.
Measures included maximum length, maximum width, length of final whorl, length of the spire, apertural length and width, sutural angle, and number of whorls.
Indice de area apertural (modificacion del indice de lado apocolpio o I.
Most species of Nucella are well defined, and can be recognized based on apertural shape and the number and pattern of spiral cords on the penultimate and body whorls.
Kemp and Berthess (1984) found that differences in growth rate induced shell shape variation in Littorina littorea; Appleton and Palmer (1988) showed that Thais lamellosa developed differential aperture characteristics when exposed to waterborne stimuli released by predatory crabs and damaged conspecifics; Lindberg and Pearse (1990) demonstrated that the color and apertural morphology of the limpet Lottia asmi changed with different substrates and diets.
62), often with only embryonic whorls projecting in apertural view; final part of last adult whorl descending prior to aperture, but not steeply so; whorls more or less evenly rounded, suture indented; umbilicus very wide, its margin evenly rounded, underside of embryonic whorls clearly visible.