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alcoholic beverage taken before a meal as an appetizer

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Tom Oosterloo, co-Principal Investigator of Apertif, added, "Observations which would take a month with the old WSRT can now be completed in a single day
To serve: In glass, pour carbonated umeshu apertif Garnish with frozen plum slices.
IF cognac is too fiery for you, try the apertif pineau, made from cognac and grape juice.
What a great wine to have as an apertif before dinner.
PAUL McGINLEY and Padraig Harrington, who won the World Cup for Ireland when it was a combined strokeplay tournament in 1997, can spark a tremendous week for the Emerald Isle by landing the trophy again in Barbados as an apertif to Darren Clarke's hugely anticipated triumph in BBC's Sports Personality of the Year contest on Sunday.
His Tocai Friullano is a superb apertif and costs about $14 Stateside.
An apertif of sweet and spicy nuts, paired with Dogfish Head's Shelter Pale Ale.
Evening Relax in lounge bar Le Before at 18 rue du Congres, the cool place for a cocktail apertif and plate of smoked salmon (pounds 22) - you'll be in chic company.
Dandelion flowers steeped in wine are an apertif said to strengthen the heart, and the sap is a discutient, which means it absorbs and dissolves diseased tissue, tumors and abnormal growths.
The wines serve especially well with fine meals and as an apertif.
With South Africa's MeerKAT and the Netherlands' APERTIF telescopes both expected to go online in 2016, the scale of data collection is set to increase significantly.