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alcoholic beverage taken before a meal as an appetizer

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It begins with 'Cocktails at Altitude' at Alta Badia Bar, on the 51 st floor of Jumeirah Emirates Towers, with a classic Italian amuse bouche and an aperitif.
Prices start from 50 Euros (approx PS42) per person, for a 30 minute aperitif with drinks and canapes or 250 Euros (approx PS213) per person for the full three-course dinner experience including wine.
Aper" means "open" in Italian and an aperitif (aperiii-vo in Italian) is a light alcoholic drink taken before lunch or dinner as an "opener" to a meal.
Saturday afternoon race meetings are now just an aperitif to the mayhem we see in any town centre the same night.
The Camparino , one of the symbols commonly associated with Milan , alongside fashion and design, was the place that gave birth to the tradition of the aperitif, the brand then successfully playing on this concept and diffusing its popularity both nationally and internationally.
Judge Hristova has worked on a number of organized crime cases, such as Fikom, Army Weapons, Jaka Tabak, Brodec and Aperitif.
The aperitif (11% abv) and vermouth (16% abv) come in one-litre bottles and are being distributed in the UK by Senzabox.
NICHOLSON'S do Loosen's Estate Riesling at pounds 9 for an easy drinking, light aperitif wine.
This event should prove that anybody can afford having aperitif at home with French products: our aperitif is a matter of conviviality, it should not be considered elitist," insisted Eric Santier, the head of Sopexa Middle East, the local branch of the marketing company in charge of organizing the events worldwide.
Pochettino said: "Carlos will have to train alone then buy an aperitif for the squad and the coaching staff.
Pernod Ricard USA has announced that Pernod 80 Proof, the licorice-flavored French aperitif, will be taking on a modified look with a special "homage to Pablo Picasso" label.
The sparkling version has a balance of fruit and crispness that makes it a wonderful aperitif.
Pastis" is actually a generic term for a group of anise-flavored spirits most often used as an aperitif, found under the brand names of Ricard, 51, Duval, Berger and others.
In France, he says, the aperitif of choice is Ricard, a pastis distilled from star aniseed, licorice and Provencal herbs.
Heaven Hill's portfolio includes brands such as: The Christian Brothers Brandies, Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Hpnotiq Liqueur, Whaler's Rum, Burnett's Gin and Vodkas, Dubonnet Aperitif, Pama Pomegranate Liqueur, Agua Luca Brazilian Rum Cachaca among others.