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not recurring at regular intervals

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By the aperiodicity of the final component, this dominant singularity is unique and it is 1) = 1.
In spite of these reported aperiodicity and instability in the participants' voice during the SES period, SES was able to cause only voice break in 2 subjects.
Aperiodicity of non-linear dynamical systems is also known as Chaotic Dynamics.
The rarity and aperiodicity of large recruitment events in oyster populations is well known (Oviatt 2004, Loosanoff 1966) and rarely are they so insignificant in the succeeding history of the population.
Increase of the transient characteristic aperiodicity in this case, other parameters being invariable, was achieved experimentally by selection of optimal values of integral and differential components of the electron regulator transfer characteristic, whereby attempt to reduce time of achievement by the gun of operation mode failed.
Santoro (2000),"Convergence and Aperiodicity in Fuzzy Cellular Automata: Revisiting Rule 90," Physica D, V4, 150-158.
All patients had normal voice when using everyday speech, but speaking into the computer resulted in the rapid onset of aperiodicity, strain, and a decrease in fundamental frequency.
Quasiperiodicity is a form of aperiodicity that has many of the attributes of periodicity.