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not recurring at regular intervals

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The AI Server differs from the Deferrable Server [26] and the Sporadic Server [24] in that it services both periodic and aperiodic tasks and has a different replenishment policy [20].
dc](t) of the powerful CES of the PCG-C generator through the DES under investigation changes on the increasing part of the aperiodic current pulse from its minimum zero value (time t=0) to its maximum value [r.
In this paper, a new combination for autotunig method with an aperiodic control rule is proposed and developed.
i]|}, and a power series is aperiodic if the Z-span of its monomial vectors is all of [Z.
In 2007, Trahtman [12] demonstrates that the conjecture is true for aperiodic automata (ones with the transition monoid having no nontrivial subgroups).
Furthermore, unless using exceedingly large primary illuminators, an aperiodic reflectarray can reach a wide variety of (equivalent) amplitude tapers thanks to the possibility of exploiting a large number of degrees of freedom (in principle, the positions of all the reflectarray elements).
Power supply circuit of the LPIEC inductor forming an aperiodic current excitation pulse.
m], [n]) are perceived as soft, mellow, and appeasing, whereas aperiodic continuants (e.
It works well with patients whose vocal folds vibrate in a periodic or pseudoperiodic fashion; however, it is not optimal for assessment of aperiodic vibration because the frequency detection system of the stroboscope cannot track rapid, irregular changes effectively.
2] = j) obtained from the QBD process X forms an aperiodic and positive recurrent Markov Chain with infinitesimal generator G = (A+B+D) on the state space M={0, 1, 2, .
The first transient process consists of an aperiodic transient and a delay.
Detailn definition of cleaning surfaces, including their type, specifications and method of cleaning activities carried out at periodic and aperiodic cleaning and refilling volume and the amount of cleaning and hygiene products is contained in Annex no.
Topics in the Dynamical and Complex Systems module are chaos in statistical physics, aperiodic order, complex systems dynamics, dynamical systems in cosmology, Lotka-Volterra dynamical systems, and applied dynamical systems.
However, (Hippolite 2012) showed that in the case of aperiodic cleaning of the incubators increase the possibility of the bacterial growth.