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Graham [6] divide nutrition elements to three groups and named them crop efficiency, physiologic efficiency and aperient recycling efficiency.
I mention the circumstance here, thinking it probable that this is the first occasion on which the valuable medicine in question was ever used as a conversational aperient.
The Magazine also featured salutes to Dolland's Patent Periscopic Spectacles ('Recommended by William Hyde Wollaston, F.R.S.') and to Lardner and Company.'s medicinal products: Chalybeate Aperient, Rhubarb and Ginger Pills, Tonic Pills ('composed of Bark and Steel') and so on.
We were routed direct for Colombo, but off the Leeuwin, after having lost ten horses received permission to proceed to Gage Roads to procure the aperient. A tender brought out several tons of the salts, the remainder of the convoy meanwhile hove to off Rottnest Island.
In Deutschland und die Revolution, published in 1819, Joseph von Gorres wrote of 'that age-old image, where the educated classes and the whole priesthood correspond to the head, the military to the arms, and the agricultural classes to the belly, or more precisely to the interior organs.' Not a very interesting formulation perhaps: one might have supposed there was more constructive originality in Sir William Napier's reference, in 1828, to Napoleon confronting the rebellious Spanish hoping, 'by grasping as it were the ganglia of the insurrection, to reduce it to a few convulsive motions,' or even in the title of a political pamphlet of 1840, A Vegetable Aperient for the Body Politic: or, Cheap Bread a Cure for Low Profits.
As a source of inulin, the tubers have been used as a folk medicine for the treatment of diabetes and rheumatism with a variety of pharmacological activities, such as aperient, cholagogue, diuretic, spermatogenic, stomachic, and tonic [1].
It is alterative, lymphatic tonic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, aperient and hepatic.
In addition, during the last 5 years, she was experienced random bouts of pain across the bowels, with sickness and more or less constipation, from which she was relieved by mild aperients, injections, etc.
The patient recovered without significant complication over the following days and was discharged 1 week later on oral antibiotics and aperients. Six weeks after discharge the patient was seen in a postnatal follow-up clinic.
Aperients or enemas could be administered on day three (James, 1923, 1929; Muskett; Richards & Richards; Rossiter, 1910, 1913) and a catheter could be inserted if the woman experienced difficulty voiding (James; Rossiter; Somerville, n.d.