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South American cavy

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aperea) en el caserio Santa Ana, municipio Santa Ana (9[grados]83'97" N/64[grados]35'69"O).
Para Cavia aperea, Calomys laucha, Deltamys kempi, Holochilus vulpinus e Oligoryzomys flavescens ha dois trabalhos realizados na Argentina (Fernandez & Rossi 1998; Cavia et al.
Among the most injured species, Cavia aperea was frequently seen crossing the highway in the sampled stretches.
Different types of oestrous cycle in two closely related South American rodents (Cavia aperea and Galea musteloides) with different social and mating systems.
Species Test/Isolation Serogroup Armadillo Chaetophractus villosus Isolation Can, Ictero Opossum Didelphis albiventris Isolation Can Serology Ictero Fox Dusicyon culpaeus Serology Can, Ictero Coypu Myocastor coypus Isolation Ictero Cavy Cavia aperea pamparum Isolation Ictero Sigmodontine rodent Akodon azarae Isolation Ictero Black rat Rattus rattus Isolation/Serology Ictero, Can Brown rat Rattus norvegicus Isolation Ictero Dog Canis familiaris Serology/Isolation Can Cow Bos spp.
ontogeny of running performance in the wild guinea pig (Cavia aperea).
A fauna terrestre nao e tao abundante, destacando-se: Vulpes vulpes (raposa); Euphractus sexcintus (peba); Cavea aperea (prea); Cyclopes didactylus (mambira); Crotalus terrificus (cascavel) Procyon cancrivorous (guaxinim); Dasypus novencinctus (tatu); Panthera pardalis (maracaja); Mazama americana (veado); Panthera uncia (onca).
Ten road killed animals were also analyzed (Ring-Tailed Coati Nasua nasua n = 02; skunk Didelphis albiventris n = 1; hedgehog Sphigurrus spinosus n = 01; hand-skinned Procyon cancrivoros n =01; restless cavy Cavia aperea n = 1; ferrets Gallictis vittata n = 2, and dog-pity-bush Cerdocyon thous n = 2), being a total of 19 samples collected.
Social system and spatial organization of wild guinea pigs (Cavia aperea) in a natural population.
hepatica en especies silvestres son muy limitados, registrandose prevalencias de hasta 32% en vicunas (Vicugna vicugna Molina, 1782) y 17.6% en cobayos silvestres (Cavia aperea Erxleben, 1777) (Dittmar 2002, Samame et al.
tener (Winge) 3, 5, 12, 27, 34, R(1), vs 46, 47, 48, 65 Cavia aperea Erxleben 5, 7 R(4), VS Cerradomys scotti 5, 6, 7 VS (Langguth and Bonvicino) C.