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Synonyms for apelike

resembling apes

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being or given to servile imitation


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Speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in Austin, Texas, he said: "Everybody talks about Homo erectus as a stupid apelike creature, which of course describes us just as well, and yet what I want to emphasise is that erectus was the smartest creature that had ever walked the Earth.
For fans of the yeti, newly published genetic research on purported specimens of the legendary apelike beast said to dwell in the Himalayan region may be too much to bear -- literally.
The study not only found that during the 18th and 19th century, the stereotypical attitude was that African-Americans were inferior, unevolved and apelike, and it also reported that the Encyclopedia Britannica (1884, p.
Called the 'Cradle of Humanity,' it shows various types of cave dwellers " hairy, bucktoothed and wide-eyed " with information on their transformation from apelike to more recognisably human.
Dawson knew that such bones would appear particularly apelike.
The Morlocks are brutish, apelike troglodytes who know how to make and repair everything, do all the work, and eat Eloi alive.
Like a child's split-page flipbook, they combine some human-like features with some very apelike features.
Australopithecus afarensis, likely among our early apelike ancestors, lived about 3 million years ago.
The programme charts the painstaking efforts by a team from the University of the Witwatersrand to extract more than 1,500 fossils from the caverns and explores how this discovery has expanded scientific understanding of how the human race evolved from previous, apelike creatures.
Among these works were several pieces from 2012, including an image of a gorilla poised like a figure out of a Picasso painting with the text YOUNG BATHER SEEMS TO BE WAITING FOR SOMEONE (the same figure was depicted in one of the bronze sculptures); a gorilla represented as Christ on a cross with the text BACK TO THE VISUAL BASICS; and a grotesque, apelike woman on a swing, legs akimbo, genitals fully articulated, with THE KEY FIGURE IN THE HISTORY OF MODERNISM written over her.
292, 304 (2008) (finding that there is an implicit association between black faces and images of apes in study populations, independent of implicit attitudinal bias against blacks; priming with pictures of apes led respondents to more readily excuse police violence against blacks; and blacks are more likely than whites to be described in apelike fashion in media crime reports); see also Phillip Atiba Goff et ah, The Essence of Innocence: Consequences of Dehumanizing Black Children, 106 J.
Steven played a chimpanzee, and his moves were so accurately apelike I got flashbacks of being at the San Diego Zoo.
In the center, a multiracial family composed of an Irish father, a Chinese mother, and two seemingly deformed and apelike children figure most prominently.
For more than a generation, a shambling creature with a human skull and an apelike jaw was known to schoolchildren, Sunday-supplement readers, and serious anthropologists as 'the first Englishman,'" it reported in November 1953.
mountain West in search of the mythic, apelike creature, Idaho State University has approved the unusual proposal of faculty member Jeffrey Meldrum, an anatomy and anthropology professor.