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Synonyms for crystal

a solid formed by the solidification of a chemical and having a highly regular atomic structure

a crystalline element used as a component in various electronic devices

a rock formed by the solidification of a substance

colorless glass made of almost pure silica

glassware made of quartz

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a protective cover that protects the face of a watch

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In the latter case, apatite crystals were represented by well-crystallized short hexagonal prisms, c.
Here it is assumed that primarily the Mickwitzia shells were built up of a large amount of organic matter, and tiny and isolated apatite crystals represented the phosphatic matter.
We suggest that CNPs colonize the aortic valve, provoking an inflammatory response, resulting in valve calcification via two distinct mechanisms: directly given their capacity to precipitate calcium in the shape of apatite crystals, at physiological calcium and phosphate concentrations, and indirectly by activating the inflammatory pathways.
The orientation of the apatite crystals within and along the collagen fibrils create structural units called 'osteons'.
Veinlets and wall rocks containing disseminated rare-earth-element minerals and apatite crystals with rims enriched in rare-earth elements.
So when she and her colleagues immersed the amelogenin microribbons in a solution of calcium phosphate, they were not entirely surprised to see well-ordered apatite crystals form along the length of the ribbons.
The skarn hosts large phlogopite, diopside, apatite crystals and uraninite crystals.
In designing a superior remineralizing solution, Silverstone says, the real trick is to tailor its chemistry so that it deposits new apatite crystals where you need them.
The erosion of the hydroxide channels in which apatite crystals are embedded decreases its stability at higher temperature ranges.
Shape change and phase transition of needle like non-stiochiometric apatite crystals.