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a building that is divided into apartments

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CHIP), an organization representing apartment house owners and had served as an officer and director until 1986.
When Henry sought a permit to erect a 30-unit apartment house with only a three-car garage, the city turned him down.
Apartment houses in Canadian cities, at least prior to the 1960s, may be thought of as little more than a curious footnote to the expansion of suburban homeownership.
Andrew Alpern, "Luxury Apartment Houses of Manhattan," "New York's Fabulous Luxury Apartments," and "The Apartment Houses of Rosario Candela and James Carpenter.
The New York City Housing Development Corporation agreed to finance the rehabilitation of two apartment houses built in 1925 in what is now the Grand Concourse Historic District in the South Bronx.
Here, two apartment houses a parking garage and an apartment building by an underground pipe line have to be supplied.
In the tradition of the city's most prestigious apartment houses, Fifteen Central Park West has two distinct lobbies.
Installation of remote metering system at the border with apartment houses in the Nizhny Novgorod region "for the needs of JSC" IDGC of Center and Volga Region "of" Nizhnovenergo "
We will get first hand commentary on how two major players acquire property, AIMCO for multi-family apartment houses and SL Green for commercial office buildings.
It was worth every penny, according to those who have witnessed the grandmother of the park's apartment houses weather more than its share of storms.
where two apartment houses, purchased three years ago by Townhouse Management Company, have been renovated and restaged as a single, nine-story, 20,000-SF mansion.
We are changing the environment in New Jersey to channel badly needed renovation dollars into these occupied but dilapidated apartment houses.
Eventually Luman and Klein operated many apartment houses in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Westchester, and became involved with commercial property.
Nestled within this fascinating and historic streetscape are three virtually identical 1915 apartment houses.
After decades of deterioration and neglect, and having narrowly escaped the bulldozer, two of New York City's oldest buildings have been transformed into luxury apartment houses renting at $2,000 per month and up per apartment.