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the great hall in ancient Persian palaces

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A Study of the Apadana, including an edition and annotation and translation of the second, third and fourth chapters.
NYICS exhibitors include Aara Rug Company, Amadi, Apadana, Ariana Rugs, Art Resources, Asha Carpets, Azad USA, Boga Carpets, Cadry's, Caravan Rug Corp., Chelsea Carpets, Creative Matters, D & K Wholesale, Eliko Antique & Decorative Carpets, F.J.
(1) Research Center of Thalassemia & Hemoglobinopathies, Ahwaz Jondishapour University of Medical Sciences and Apadana Clinical Research Center, Apadana Private Hospital, Ahwaz, Iran
The winery's stone columns, topped with two-headed bulls, were modeled after the 70-foot-tall columns used in the Apadana Palace in Persepolis.
The first of the seven-letter alphomes is AAAADNP (from APADANA), and the last of the seven-letter alphomes is ORSTTUU (from SURTOUT).
In a deeply poignant scene in the Apadana,(1) an important text in Buddhist commentarial literature, the Buddha's widowed foster mother, the nun Mahapajapati Gotami, who (tradition maintains) was the first woman initiated into the Buddha's order, goes to her foster son to seek his permission to die.
ANDREW HIRST EXPLAINS WHY THE APADANA IS WELL WORTH A VISIT IT'S been a few years since the Examiner has reviewed this Persian restaurant, and since then several other Middle Eastern ones have popped up around town.
(46) When al-Mas'udi visited the ruins of the sanctuary, he found it surrounded by a large temenos wall decorated with skillfully carved anthropomorphic reliefs, which were interpreted by the locals as the "images of prophets." (47) However, the ruins described by the Muslim historian likely belong not to the Sasanian fire-temple, but to the Achaemenid platform of Persepolis, as can be deduced from his descriptions of typical Persepolitan columns and the "anthropomorphic reliefs" that seem to refer to the famous processions of tributary peoples from the apadana.
The South exit or gate connects to the Apadana Palace.
also Appleton on the consistency in sex across lives in Apadana narrations ("Footsteps" 43f).
Darius the Great then erected a grand palace known as Apadana there in 521 BC.
But the plants are wearing breaking up the stone stairways at the palaces of Sad-Sotun and Apadana in Persepolis.
Two staircases and a long wall led to the Apadana. More than five thousand carved figures seemed to move in slow procession on the wall, with delegations from the conquered nations bringing tribute to the king.
The Most popular dishes are: | Kabseh Lamb from Lebanese restaurant Ugarit on Cross Church Street; | Koobideh (meat kebab) from Persian restaurant Apadana on Viaduct Street ; | Mixed Bento from Little Lotus Sushi in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre; | The Classic Burger from Ox & Bone at The Melting Pot, Firth Street; | Chicken Tikka Masala from Kashmiri restaurant Lala's in St George's Square.