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the great hall in ancient Persian palaces

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Such an issue is raised by the Apadana commentary (Ap.
The tree is (1) independent in respect of its standing, so that it is kartr ('agent') by virtue of its independence (svatantryat); (2) karman ('immediate object') by virtue of being what one most wishes to reach (isyamanatamatvat) through seeing; (3) karana ('instrument') by virtue of being a means more than any karaka playing a different role in the act by someone who shows (jnapayati 'makes to know') the moon to someone; (4) sampradana since the person performing the act intends the tree as object by means of the water being poured; (5) apadana according to the sutra (Astadhyayi 1.
I fail to see how the label "ablative genitive" is more accurate than the rejected view that the genitive is used when karakas such as apadana (ablative) are not intended to be expressed by the speaker (avivaksita).
47) However, the ruins described by the Muslim historian likely belong not to the Sasanian fire-temple, but to the Achaemenid platform of Persepolis, as can be deduced from his descriptions of typical Persepolitan columns and the "anthropomorphic reliefs" that seem to refer to the famous processions of tributary peoples from the apadana.
OPENED two years ago, Apadana has brought a unique taste of Middle Eastern cuisine to Huddersfield.
The South exit or gate connects to the Apadana Palace.
Later Achaemenid used Urartu architecture in Pasargadae, Persepolis, and Susa Apadana.
The two Ekottarika-agama passages to be translated below are parallels to the stories of Bhadda Kaccana (32)--apparently an alternative name for Rahulamata and thus for Yasodhara (33)--and Bhadda Kapilam (34) found in the Apadana and Pali commentaries.
NYICS exhibitors include Aara Rug Company, Amadi, Apadana, Ariana Rugs, Art Resources, Asha Carpets, Azad USA, Boga Carpets, Cadry's, Caravan Rug Corp.
But the plants are wearing breaking up the stone stairways at the palaces of Sad-Sotun and Apadana in Persepolis.
1) Research Center of Thalassemia & Hemoglobinopathies, Ahwaz Jondishapour University of Medical Sciences and Apadana Clinical Research Center, Apadana Private Hospital, Ahwaz, Iran
Apadana Palace consists of a pavilion, haramsara (a section for court ladies), gateway, entertainment hall and three central courtyards.
Dietrich Huff's "Uberlegungen zu Funktion, Genese und Nachfolge des Apadana" aims first to analyze the (so-called) Apadana and to show the functional affiliation of the building to the enduring Iranian tradition of palaces, and then to discuss the relationship between the architecture of the Apadana and its function.
Darius the Great then erected a grand palace known as Apadana there in 521 BC.