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Two field campaigns were carried out each year in March-May and October-November at each site where aoudad had been reported in the most recent literature (De Smet, 1989; Kowalski and Rzebik-Kowalska, 1991).
For the later, possible confusions with goats and sheep were avoided because latrines of aoudad are larger than those of livestock.
Moreover, a questionnaire on local knowledge (presence/absence, behaviour, habitat in relation with human activity and threats) was sent to forest rangers, wildlife associations and hunters federations of all governorates including part of the Saharan Atlas to report on the presence/absence of aoudad in their area.
Only areas where we recorded obvious signs of presence of Aoudad were considered, coordinates were achieved using a GPS (GARMIN-Etrex 10) and the number of animals was recorded when possible.
In Espuna, 853 aoudads (568 females and 285 males) were harvested during 1980-1999.
According to Gray & Simpson (1985), horn size in male aoudads reaches 81% of its asymptote by four years of age.
the first five years of life for wild goats and the first four years for aoudads (Early GI), as well as during an animal's entire life (Lifetime GI).
the Director of the Protected Area of MDC, free-ranging aoudad occur in the northern part of MDC, also their presence exist across the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park, Texas (Skiles pers.
Free-ranging aoudad have not been reported in SMP, however, records do exist for Sierra la Fragua located <2 km northwest of SMP (Espinosa et al.
The eradication of aoudad is an on-going activity at Black Gap Wildlife Management Area, Texas (Pittman pers.
In south and central Texas, aoudads are found only on high-fenced ranches.
Since their introduction into Palo Duro Canyon almost 50 years ago, aoudads have earned a reputation as difficult big game animals to hunt and worthy trophies.
Toby knows aoudads and how tough a tenacious old ram can be.
The meat was still fine, and we were a bunch of happy guys as we hung him in the cooler beside the aoudad.
I'd managed to take an aoudad, an axis deer, and a blackbuck, all during the last two days of my bowhunt.