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Texas and New Mexico euthanize aoudads when encountered in desert bighorn sheep habitat, the same procedures need to be applied for Coahuila.
the Director of the Protected Area of MDC, free-ranging aoudad occur in the northern part of MDC, also their presence exist across the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park, Texas (Skiles pers.
Free-ranging aoudad have not been reported in SMP, however, records do exist for Sierra la Fragua located <2 km northwest of SMP (Espinosa et al.
But because sheep country is literally right out my back door in the Texas Panhandle, hunting wild aoudads is a challenge I relish every year.
According to the booklet, "The Aoudads of Palo Duro Canyon," published by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, aoudad (pronounced OW-dad), or Barbary sheep as they're called because they're native to the Barbary Coast of North Africa, are tough animals well adapted to tough terrain.
In south and central Texas, aoudads are found only on high-fenced ranches.
There is no trophy fee for hogs (there are many hogs), but there is a fee for axis, blackbuck, and aoudads.
After catnapping in my ground-level hide, I awoke to find an aoudad ram standing in front of me.
Imported from north Africa years ago, aoudad have thrived in some of our harshest, arid real estate.