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While I knew my Aoudad was dead before I pulled the trigger, a small error on my part sent my first round 5 inches higher than intended.
There were no cattle within the study area or on the surrounding properties during our study; however, there was a substantial population of feral sheep and aoudad that may have attracted Brown-headed Cowbirds.
Free-ranging aoudad have not been reported in SMP, however, records do exist for Sierra la Fragua located <2 km northwest of SMP (Espinosa et al.
Blood samples were obtained from 2,233 red deer, 106 fallow deer, 44 roe deer, 72 mouflon, and 10 aoudad during 2003-2007 in 62 locations (Figure 1).
Aoudad are in several areas in New Mexico, and there's a population in the mountains of California's Central Coast.
Winand battles Mother Nature in the Yukon, Corky Richardson stalks desert bighorns in his home state of Arizona and Brandon Ray pursues aoudad in Texas.
The Foundation Auctions also offered hunts for antelope, aoudad, blesbuck, caribou, chamois, deer, elk, gazelle, ibex, impala, kudu, moose, mouflon, mountain goat, oryx, red stag, tahr, warthog, water buffalo, wild boar, wolverine, crane, dove, duck, geese, pheasant, prairie chicken, quail, swan, wild turkey, and deep sea and fresh water fishing excursions.
The influence of fallow deer and aoudad sheep on white-tailed deer production and survival.
Leading up to an aoudad hunt with ranchers Jon Preston and Tony Timmons (elranchoescondido.
Prior to Uganda, I had taken the H-S to west Texas on a free-range aoudad hunt.
Two fine sand-colored aoudad rams standing below the canyon's rim, posturing to each other.
Aoudad (Barbary sheep) are big, palomino-colored rascals with back-sweeping, arcing horns and a mane that begins on the neck and flows down the front legs creating flaring, long-haired chaps, or pantaloons as some call them.
One possible threat to the bighorn, and perhaps also to the mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) is the aoudad (Ammotragus lervia), an introduced species which is now well established in the Davis Mountains, and which appears to be extending its range in the direction of the Beach Mountains.
264-inch bullet kills all out of proportion to its paper ballistics, with this combination giving me 24 straight 1-shot kills on everything from aoudad to zebra and such things as Colorado mule deer in between.
One evening, unable to help myself, I also shot the best aoudad ram I've ever taken.