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In Algeria, Joleaud (1927, 1928) described the northern limit of distribution when aoudad was still present in the Tell Atlas (Seurat, 1930).
I was confident in the quality of my rifle, scope, and ammunition, but aoudad are known for being hard to kill cleanly.
In this case, Caleb got an A+, because he put us in the same draw as the aoudad herd early in the day, which is rare with these sheep since they move so frequently.
I was eager to hunt this 46,000-acre private ranch near the Mexico border and Big Bend Texas State Park, where mule deer and aoudad run free.
Prey abundant at individual cameras includes hog (Sus scrofa), deer (Odocoileus virginianus and Odocoileus hemionus), elk (Cervus elaphus), coyote (Canis lantrans), javelina (Pecari tajacu), cow (Bos taurus), bobcat (Lynx rufus), and aoudad (Ammotragus lervia).
The aoudad was introduced in 1970 by the former Spanish Fish, Game and National Park's Service for recreational hunting (Cassinello 1998).
Free-ranging aoudad have not been reported in SMP, however, records do exist for Sierra la Fragua located <2 km northwest of SMP (Espinosa et al.
Blood samples were obtained from 2,233 red deer, 106 fallow deer, 44 roe deer, 72 mouflon, and 10 aoudad during 2003-2007 in 62 locations (Figure 1).
A month after I had the work done, I took the rifle to the Chinati Mountains of West Texas to hunt aoudad.
270 WSM I recently used to take my first aoudad in the Texas Hill Country.
The longest shot was on a free-range Aoudad in southwestern Texas.
As I sit here and compose this article I can look around my room and see aoudad, ibex, Merino, Corsican, Black Hawaiian, white Texas dall and mouflon sheep; sika deer plus chocolate, spotted and white fallow deer; black, brown and white Catalina goats; my favorite exotic--the black buck antelope originally from India, and many domestic favorites from Texas, namely whitetail deer.
Two fine sand-colored aoudad rams standing below the canyon's rim, posturing to each other.
I have a lot of animals mounted in my trophy room taken with this handgun, including Mule deer, turkey, whitetail, waterbuck, gemsbok, impala, zebra, mouflon, Catalina goat, Aoudad and exotic sheep such as Corsican, Black Hawaiian and Texas Dall.
The influence of fallow deer and aoudad sheep on white-tailed deer production and survival.