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Originating from the left aortic sinus, the LCA passes between the left auricle and pulmonary trunk to traverse the coronary sulcus (Drake et al.
SOV aneurysms vary in size from subtle dilatation of an aortic sinus to overt crescentic or windsock-shaped exophytic projection from the body or apex of the sinus (3).
Briefly, aortic sinus sections were rinsed and blocked with 3% bovine albumin serum (Sigma-Aldrich), incubated with primary antibody [1:200 for monoclonal anti-[alpha]-smooth muscle cell actin [clone 1A4], 1:50 for MOMA-2 (Abcam)], rinsed, and incubated with fluorescently labeled secondary antibodies (1:500; Invitrogen).
The aorta was then longitudinally dissected at the level of commissure--I which was in between right anterior aortic sinus and right posterior aortic sinus (non-coronary sinus) which enabled to analyzed the level and numbers of ostia with respect to sinutubular junction as well as commissures.
In a study including 27 cases of sudden death in young competitive athletes who have congenital CAA of wrong aortic sinus, it is reported that in 23 cases, the LMCA originated from the RCS and in four cases, the RCA arose from the LCS (26).
Anomalous origin of the left main coronary artery from the right aortic sinus with Intramyocardial tunneling through the septum with free portion in the right ventricular cavity.
The RCA arose from the middle of the anterior aortic sinus below the supravalvular ridge in all specimens.
Supplementation with LA significantly reduced atherosclerotic lesion formation in the aortic sinus of both mouse models by approximately 20% and in the aortic arch and thoracic aorta of apoE-/- and apoE/low-density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mice by approximately 55% and 40%, respectively.
pneumoniae infection accelerated the development of atherosclerotic lesions in the aortic sinus (44,47).
Reports of anomalous origin of coronary arteries, such as the origin of right coronary artery from left aortic sinus, the left from right aortic sinus, both arteries from the same aortic sinus, both or either artery from pulmonary trunk, etc.
sup][3],[4] Usually, these VAs can be eliminated by radiofrequency catheter ablation (RFCA) directly at the OT endocardium, [sup][5] at the aortic sinus of valsalva [sup][6],[7] or at the great cardiac vein of the coronary venous system (CVS).
Left and right heart catheterization with coronary angiography demonstrated a fistula between the right aortic sinus and the pulmonary artery (Figure 1).
Right coronary artery arising from the left aortic sinus in a heart with left coronary dominance: a post-mortem description-a case report.
Ruptured aortic sinus aneurysms typically express themselves in young men after puberty but before age 30 years (4).