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of or relating to the aorta


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INTRODUCTION: Variations in the branching pattern of aortic arch are due to variations in the extent of the fusion and absorption of some of the aortic arches into the aortic sac.
Aneurysm remodeling continues, as noted by a continued reduction in both aortic sac diameter and volume
The design features of the Powerlink device, including its long main body, and single wire stent cage that provide for column strength, may positively influence the aortic sac remodeling that we found during this study.
Carpenter's presentation, which included results from patients monitored for more than two years following the Powerlink procedure, indicated a low rate of device migration a significant reduction in both aortic sac diameter and volume, and no reported aneurysm ruptures, wire fractures, or Type III or IV endoleaks.