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of or relating to the aorta


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Even though my father and uncle passed away from similar aortic ruptures about two decades ago, it was still a shock to learn I could suffer the same fate.
Choi, "Fish bone induced aortic rupture treated with endovascular stent graft," European Journal Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, vol.
Under general anaesthesia chances of aortic rupture or dissection are increased during intubation and extubation due to rise in BP, whereas inadequate depth of anaesthesia can result into cerebral haemorrhage and rupture of aneurysm.
A number of cannulation techniques for cardiopulmonary bypass in aortic rupture patients have been described.
Mr Dalrymple, 35, a schizophrenic, died at Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre, near Heathrow, after an aortic rupture.
On histopathology, all kites had advanced atherosclerotic lesions, with several birds presenting abdominal hemorrhage and aortic rupture.
A post mortem revealed that Mr Graham, who had no drink or drugs in his system, died of a massive haemothorax - an accumulation of blood in the pleural cavity - and an aortic rupture, caused by the crash.
He died the next day of an aortic rupture caused by an undiagnosed dissection.
Value of chest radiography in excluding traumatic aortic rupture.
It was determined that the cardiac tamponade was an acute event that occurred within minutes of the aortic rupture.
An 8-year-old boy was transferred to our institution with an aortic rupture after being caught under a tilting soccer goal frame during a match.
The site of aortic rupture showed transmural necrosis and acute inflammation in the media (Figure 3, A).
Post-traumatic aortic rupture is the cause of 16% of all deaths from motor vehicle accidents; of all patients sustaining such injury, 85% will die before reaching hospital.
They typically strike men over the age of 65 Between 60-80% of patients who have an aortic rupture die before they can be treated.