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roentgenographic examination of blood vessels after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium

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Historically, aortic angiography was the standard means of assessing BAI.
Because of this type of connection is seen uncommonly at older ages and the patient was asymptomatic, selective aortic angiography was performed and the small PDA was seen between the descending aorta just distal to the left subclavian artery origin and the left pulmonary artery on lateral projection with 30 degrees cranial angulation (Fig.
Secondly, aortic angiography via the right brachial artery, after the proximal stent graft was partially deployed, is also an important assistant procedure to reconfirm the position of the fenestration [Figure 1]c.
Exclusion criteria were angiographic (previous bypass grafting) or technical (right heart catheterization, simultaneous aortic angiography, and absence of indication for ventricular angiogram).
Cardiac catheterization and aortic angiography were performed under general anesthesia with intubation.