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of or relating to the aorta


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There are stents of the following types available: (a) aortal coronary and (b) intracoronary.
In the VDN + NaHS group, relative to the VDN rats the NaHS treatment was associated with higher systolic blood pressure and aortal tissue ALP activity, and calcium content was lower (Table 1).
Bulbs opal and ignited as felted anus-stars, snow, spot the porch, blast the poplars: the thumbscrew aortal pulse of Philomela.
A diversity of ECMs, such as aortal acellular matrix grafts [1]; acellular dermal grafts [2]; decellularized urinary bladder submucosa [3] and gastric acellular matrix [4] were used for oesophageal repair in animals.
Twelve specimens (eight and four ) were collected from the aortal parts connected with the lung, kidney, intestines and gizzard of eleven hosts.
Exclusion Criteria were: (1) Arrhythmias which lead to functional disorders, (2) prone to bleeding, (3) active thrombophlebitis, (4) proved aortal aneurysm needed for surgery, (5) pregnancy, (6) patients with Severe AI (Aortic insufficiency), severe AS (Aortic stenosis) and severe MS (Mitral stenosis).