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of or relating to the aorist tense

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B) and (C) will be the aoristic counterparts of (A) for indirect evidence):
The following example would, in a certain context, have aoristic time reference (i.
Sthioul 1998 for a survey of related literature) that the passe compose can have either a perfective meaning, in which case it roughly corresponds to the present perfect, or an aoristic meaning, in which case it corresponds to the simple past.
The reason for this is that the avant que clause promotes an aoristic meaning of the passe compose because e2 (the store's closing) appears as not related to the state (Mary's absence) that holds at to, but rather to event e1 (Mary's going to the store), which is located in the past.
The aoristic tenses (simple past, imperfect, pluperfect) are characteristically those of the historian, reciting the events of the past impersonally and without reference to his own position.