ao dai

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the traditional dress of Vietnamese women consisting of a tunic with long sleeves and panels front and back

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Many of the calligraphers belong to the same hobbyists' club, said Diep, wearing a traditional conical hat and ao dai slit skirt.
Often I covet the beaded necklace that shines so brightly on the tall, long-necked African woman (I'm 5' 2") or the traditional ao dai that flows so sweetly on the 15-year-old Vietnamese girl (I'm way older than 15).
Today, Asia has the kimono in Japan, the Han-Bok in Korea and the Ao Dai in Vietnam, but China does not yet have its own gown to represent the Chinese national spirit.
The catch is that 15 parts of the body have to be measured to make a perfectly fitting Ao Dai.
Like many Vietnamese girls, Nga wears either a uniform or the traditional ao dai (ow d'eye) to school.
Next a group of mothers wearing white ao dai, the tunic and trousers traditionally worn by Vietnamese women, led the prayers of the faithful.