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the traditional dress of Vietnamese women consisting of a tunic with long sleeves and panels front and back

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The new "Long Lithe Vietnam" package celebrates the 1,000-year history of a garment as singular to Vietnam as the kimono to Japan, and coordinates the made-to-measure production of an ao dai for one female guest.
As a garment, the ao dai defies pigeon-holing as a dress or a pant suit.
After the conical hat, nothing quite says Vietnam like the ao dai," said Phan Trong Minh, general manager of La Residence.
A flowing, feminine, and form-fitting long tunic that splits into two front and back panels from slightly above the waist down to the knees, the ao dai is worn with long, full, wide-legged palazzo pants.
Often I covet the beaded necklace that shines so brightly on the tall, long-necked African woman (I'm 5' 2") or the traditional ao dai that flows so sweetly on the 15-year-old Vietnamese girl (I'm way older than 15).
She wispy fabric of the traditional ao dai worn by Vietnamese women is the sturdy material holding "The White Silk Dress" together.
The feeling's mutual, but without the means to marry in the accepted sense, Gu gives his "bride" the precious ao dai he's been carrying since childhood.
The catch is that 15 parts of the body have to be measured to make a perfectly fitting Ao Dai.
Many fashion-conscious young women have their body measurements taken right after arrival in Ho Chi Minh City and trot around the very next day wearing their brand-new tailor-made Ao Dai.
Like many Vietnamese girls, Nga wears either a uniform or the traditional ao dai (ow d'eye) to school.
Next a group of mothers wearing white ao dai, the tunic and trousers traditionally worn by Vietnamese women, led the prayers of the faithful.
While some of the women in the rally donned the traditional Vietnamese ao dai dress and the non la hat, some of the men came in shirts marked "Yes to Unclos," referring to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which the Philippine government invokes to assert its right over parts of the WPS being claimed by Beijing.
Beyond the cyclos, pho and ao dai, Vietnam is gaining a reputation for its breathtaking beaches, luxurious resorts and golf courses.
Clad in a sky-blue Vietnamese traditional ao dai dress, Japanese Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka entertained the ministers by dancing to cowboy-impersonating U.