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Synonyms for anyways

used to indicate that a statement explains or supports a previous statement

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Well, it's all right anyway, Jim, long as you're going to be rich again some time or other.
Poyser's own niece, an' I donna wish to say what's anyways disrespectful o' th' family at th' Hall Farm, as I've measured for shoes, little an' big, welly iver sin' I've been a shoemaker.
I am not acquainted with that language myself, but I should judge from her manners and appearance that she was French; anyways, certainly foreign.
Th' inflammation didn't come on all at once like, but bit by bit--but I wasn't going to tell you about my eyes, I was talking about my trouble o' mind;--and to tell the truth, Miss Grey, I don't think it was anyways eased by coming to church--nought to speak on, at least: I like got my health better; but that didn't mend my soul.
She understands that, anyways,' muttered Squeers, watching Mrs Sliderskew as she dispatched her portion, and choked and gasped in a most awful manner after so doing.
Anyways, it could not be found there, and as it was not likely to be sent from Europe, it did not appear clear to me what he was wait- ing for.
but, anyways, we're such old friends, and t' hide a word of honest truth fro' one another would be a sin and a pity.
Mr Clennam, don't you take no notice of my son (if you'll be so good) in case you find him cut up anyways difficult.
To let him feel himself anyways slighted now, would be to be guilty of a meanness, and to act like having one's head turned by the halls of dazzling light.
My father will give you enough to buy this dirty little fish-kettle" -- Harvey stamped on the deck - "ten times over, if you take me to New York safe; and - and - you're in a hundred and thirty by me, anyway.