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Teesside Musical Theatre Company's production of Anything Goes promises to be just as unforgettable with the reverend as part of the cast.
One thing that does puzzle me is how anyone can afford to get drunk with the cost of booze in the city centre, but then, for what is considered by some a good time - anything goes.
After appearing in Sam Mendes' production of The Fix, he was nominated for the 1998 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actor in a Musical and, in the early 2000s, returned to the role of Billy Crocker in the revival of Anything Goes.
Show director Chrissie Ashworth said: "At a time when some other amateur societies are struggling to attract new members and some are actually closing it's great to see we have so many new people appearing in Anything Goes.
When Lincoln Center Theater brought back Anything Goes in 1987, tap numbers were again a regular feature in Broadway shows, if only because so many of them were revivals.
For the first time, Anything Goes, lays bare John's story in his own words.
ANYTHING GOES Spa Centre, Leamington THERE'Sromance,glamourandevena glimpse ofstockingas SpaOpera bring Cole Porter's classic musical Anything Goes tothe Warwickshirestage.
The discounter has named the Riesling Anything Goes (rsp: 3.
Back in London he has starred as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, Cal in The Fix, Joe Gillis in Sunset Boulevard, Claude in Hair, Domingo in Matador, Chris in Miss Saigon, Raoul in Phantom of the Opera, and Billy in Anything Goes.
It's such a comfort to know that if anything goes wrong here, I can call them, and they'll be here to help me,'' Myrna said.
Opposition parties on Monday blasted the decision by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party earlier in the day to readmit 11 independent lawmakers it ousted last year over a policy dispute, saying that anything goes with the dominant party.
Anything Goes at a North East theatre next week as Jennifer Bradbury discovers
COLE PORTER'S Anything Goes hit the Empire Theatre in Liverpool last week, with Mickey Starke.
Sameshima asks if it is at all possible in an age of anything goes to risk something similarly eccentric and intense for the sake of desire.
Anything goes when it comes to format, and the street language and imagery match the ugly subject matter: "The muddy Mississippi with its chemical effluvia"; "My grandmother heavy with tumors"; a newborn baby who comes out looking like "2 pounds of soggy grapes.