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Synonyms for guess

Synonyms for guess

to draw an inference on the basis of inconclusive evidence or insufficient information

a judgment, estimate, or opinion arrived at by guessing

Synonyms for guess

a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

an estimate based on little or no information

expect, believe, or suppose

put forward, of a guess, in spite of possible refutation

guess correctly

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What these "privatized" companies will look like when they return to the public markets is anybody's guess.
Quite why the BBC1 show thinks it is going to beat Downton Abbey on ITV1 is anybody's guess.
Whatever's the point of that is anybody's guess, but they're undeniably cute.
Submarine School (Five, 8pm) QUITE why anybody would want to spend their working day in a long metal tube with a bunch of blokes is anybody's guess.
What they think of this revamped, 21st century version is anybody's guess.
There was plenty of opposition to Kevin Ryan's four-year-old on Betfair, where he was a 6-4 shot at the off, so how he went from 11-8 to 10-11 is anybody's guess.
She was a beacon for democracy and where her country goes now in the wake of her murder by a suicide bomber is anybody's guess.
JUST how many junior exercise bikes, weight benches and treadmills Santa will leave for children across Ireland is anybody's guess.
I'M WRITING THIS about three weeks before the presidential election, and it's anybody's guess who will win.
How they're doing it is anybody's guess, but let's hope they never lose that work ethic.
It's anybody's guess, but right now more than 172 million linked computers make up the Internet, a Web presence for 3.
What you do if you realise half way through this torture that you'veforgotten your knife is anybody's guess.
Whether 20 02 New York will get the same message is anybody's guess.
Whether Posh knows about this plan and whether they'll still be on the bill once she finds out is anybody's guess.
It's anybody's guess why this ability evolved in monkeys as well as humans.