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Synonyms for anxiousness

Synonyms for anxiousness

(psychiatry) a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders, usually accompanied by compulsive behavior or attacks of panic

a feeling of mild anxiety about possible developments


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The Interaction Anxiousness Scale (IAS) has also been used widely and has a body of research data to support its validity (Leary & Kowalski, 1993).
3: hypomania, anxiousness, aggressiveness, loquaciousness, apprehension, clumsiness
There is a real anxiousness to take advantage of opportunities to save money" at the local level, he said.
Ashraf added that the singer never expected to become a father at such an old age, but his joy is indescribable and throughout his wife's pregnancy he had expressed his anxiousness at the arrival of a new baby.
The language is simple and spare, the narrative carried along by Nan's boundless energy and Pa's constant clumsiness; in addition, Frey's illustrations are wintry warm and whimsical, nicely contrasting Nan's self-assurance with Pa's anxiousness.
As Pauline talked, I felt a huge stab of anxiousness as I was transported back to over a year ago when my sister, Gilly, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
He said: "Park's presence in Manchester helped to ease my anxiousness.
I don't feel any anxiousness, you'd have to ask each player individually about how they feel," he said.
The 2 7-year-old said: "I don't feel any anxiousness.
The text features an introductory overview of sensory-integration strategies for play challenges, followed by chapters discussing five common play challenges--repetitious dabbling during play, continual roaming around the playroom, continual anxiousness about or during play, continual detachment or unfriendliness during play, and continual rejection by playmates during play--and specific intervention guidelines and activities for each situation.
Ill-discipline and a bit of anxiousness adds to the penalties and Wilkinson kicked outstandingly well today.
They also added that, this experiment also increased the some countries' anxiousness which that country is watching Chinese experiment with carefully.
The pound weakened against the dollar amid the anxiousness over this week's economic developments, as well as a CBI survey showing the worst reading for factory orders last month since April.
This caused anxiousness among the staff, according to the works council.