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Other significant determinants of an increased complication rate were smoking and a Killip class of II-IV The analysis also showed that two factors were linked with significant protection against complications: treatment with a thrombolytic drug, and treatment with an anxiolytic drug, which was associated with a 44% drop in the rate of complications.
The barbiturates and meprobamate, introduced in 1955, remained as dominant anxiolytic drugs.
A new anxiolytic drug, pregabalin, appears to be effective in treating social anxiety disorder, reported Dr.
One-way analysis of variance revealed a significant increase of percentage time spent on the open arms after administration of the anxiolytic drug diazepam compared to control (Fig.
A similar effect was previously observed with buspirone, a widely used anxiolytic drug (Vohora et al.
Effective treatments such as anxiolytic drug therapy or cognitive-behavioural therapy exist (Sadock and Sadock, 2000) but, many patients remain untreated, experience adverse effects of benzodiazepines (Woods et al.
0 mg/kg, Sigma) was used as the standard anxiolytic drug, picrotoxin (PTX, 2.
A spokesman for Cwm Taf UHB, which established Valleys Steps, added: "Cwm Taf University Health Board serves a population that has some of the highest rates of mental illness in Wales and therefore has high prescribing rates for anti-depressant, anti-psychotic and anxiolytic drugs.
2%); antiepileptic, antipsychotic, psychoactive, and anxiolytic drugs (n=229, 16.
Among the topics are drugs used to treat neuromuscular disorders, anti-psychotic and anxiolytic drugs, anti-seizure agents, agents affecting the renin-angiotensin pathway, insulin and drugs used to treat diabetes, antihistamines and related anti-allergic and anti-ulcer agents, and obesity and nutrition.
Benzodiazepines are anxiolytic drugs and may be used as hypnotic for short periods as long term use may cause dependence and increase tolerance.
Modern antipsychotics, antidepressants, and anxiolytic drugs are more user friendly but are still in the dark ages of medical practice.
7 point on 100 point VAS scale group with antidepressant and/or anxiolytic drugs showed a slight decrease in the number of point in Back Depression Inventory but no statistically significant effect was noted of any of the employed types of anesthesia on the mood of patients (Tab.
Patients who took narcotics were more likely to report poor health-related quality of life, to also use antidepressants and anxiolytic drugs, and to have more hospitalizations and surgeries than IBS patients who don't use narcotics.