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These findings are suggesting that an intensity threshold might exist for the anxiolytic effects of resistance exercise (29).
The increases in ambulation and rearing in the open field test in the NPY group and the time spent on and number of entries into the open arms in the elevated plus maze test demonstrated that NPY has anxiolytic properties, which is consistent with previous studies (38,39,40).
Benzodiazepines are anxiolytic drugs and may be used as hypnotic for short periods as long term use may cause dependence and increase tolerance.
Indeed, animals treated with EEYP showed a similar behavior as those treated with the standard anxiolytic drug diazepam, showing the effectiveness and potential of yellow propolis in anxiolytic therapy.
Other independent groups (n = 6) that received an individual commercial flavonoid (kaempferol, astragalin, quercetin, isoquercetin, quercitrin and rutin) or the mixture made with the tree commercial flavonoids: quercetin (20 mg/kg), isoquercitrin (2 mg/kg), and rutin (15.70 mg/kg) were evaluated for anxiolytic and/or sedative-like responses 50 min after administration of the flavonoids.
In a similar fashion, diazepam and apigenin also exhibited anxiolytic activity (*p<0.05, **p<0.01).
* There is some research on medications such as olanzapine and anxiolytics for treating anorexia.
We have to do everything possible to minimise over reliance on anxiolytics and sleeping pills," Professor Scott Weich, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Warwick said.
In the case we report here, the neuroleptic was cyamemazine, which is a sedative antipsychotic drug with a strong anxiolytic action.
Summary: In the present study, the essential oils of the leaves of Zanthoxylum armatum (ZEO) were screened for various behavioral properties viz., sedative-hypnotic, anxiolytic, antidepressant, and muscle relaxant activities.
The present study was designed to investigate in the rat whether or not crocins possess anxiolytic properties.
The last group (n = 10) received 2.0 mg/kg diazepam (i.p.; Hoffman-Roche, Basel, Switzerland) dissolved in 40% propylene glycol and injected in a volume of 2.0 mL/kg as a reference anxiolytic drug.
Several animal models of anxiety have been used in the screening of anxiolytic or anxiogenic properties of compounds, including the elevated plusmaze (EPM), social interaction tests, open fields, etc.
The spa therapy, through its proven anxiolytic activity, is able to favour the substituting of treatment by benzodiapezine, and as a result would make withdrawal easier.