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They tested different doses of lavender (200[micro]l and 100[micro]l) versus placebo and found a significantly greater decrease in state anxiety after the neutral film clip after both doses of lavender, but not following the anxiety-inducing film clip which implies that lavender may have an effect on general anxiety states but not when the levels of anxiety get too high.
Also, based on changes in C and E, saffron odor may adjust steroid hormones through an odor sensory perception mechanism, STAI revealed that anxiety state was improved by exposure to saffron odor regardless of the point in the menstrual cycle.
An eating disorder such as anorexia or part of a depressive illness or an anxiety state.
In the second half, in sharp contrast to the symptomatic treatments, the authors give a detailed account of a 54-year-old female patient with refractory IBS in a setting of a phobic anxiety state.
Important in terms of effect size differences between the two anxiety directions groups were detected in negative ST reported during competition suggests that for athletes perceiving their anxiety state as debilitative, pre-competition worries were sustained during the event, whereas for negative ST during the competition, which were reported retrospectively.
A Ask your doctor, or the midwife, about this - it's pointless worrying yourself into an anxiety state and not enjoying your pregnancy.
Its report said: "We must express extreme concern with regards to Sarah's general anxiety state which would appear not to be abating and is further compounded by her present non-attendance at school.
YOU have a severe anxiety state that needs professional help.
He said: "Firstly, an anxiety state, secondly, alcohol dependency, and thirdly, post-traumatic stress disorder.
My diagnosis was that he had become chronically stressed resulting in an acute anxiety state.
So it is important to independently address the thoughts and fears that occur in the life of an HIV-infected patient and the symptoms of a treatable depression or anxiety state.