anxiety neurosis

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characterized by diffuse anxiety and often somatic manifestations of fear

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The symptoms of anxiety neurosis, palpitation, hyperaesthesia, and paroxysms, match those of classical hysteria as much as the sexual anaesthesia of anxiety hysteria.
Mathai (1981) [59] 28.87% of psychiatric comorbidity (15.7% with a diagnosis of depressive neurosis, 7% with anxiety neurosis, and 3% with alcohol dependence).
Such an obsession can be seen as symptomatic of her fuanshinkeisho (or anxiety neurosis).
A retrospective analysis of 203 psychiatric outpatient folders conducted in Nigeria (published in 1978) revealed the most commonly recorded diagnoses to be anxiety neurosis, depressive neurosis and schizophrenia.
While anxiety neurosis manifests itself in fear, suspicion, insomnia to mention a few, psychosis is a grave mental illness that manifests as depressive disorders and schizophrenia.
Four to 5 days a week, the therapist aimed to get at the root cause of the person's "anxiety neurosis," as it was called before the DSM-III left neurosis for historians and Woody Allen movies.
However, a subsequent study found that persons with "anxiety neurosis" remembered their fathers as less caring and more overprotective than participants in a control group (Parker, 1981).
One letter stated Mr Aehmed had suffered from anxiety neurosis for most of his life.