anxiety hysteria

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a form of hysteria having features of both conversion disorder and anxiety neurosis

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Citing the letters from Hans' father that largely make up the presentation of the history of the illness and the analysis, Freud first narrates the three moments that make up the origin of the anxiety hysteria.
A few days later, the second sequential element of Hans' emerging anxiety hysteria takes place:
24) The repetition of desire and its satisfaction, after the second moment in the emerging anxiety hysteria, is no longer enough.
The third and final moment in the establishment of the anxiety hysteria, the phobia therefore, appears on the day immediately following.
It is not immediately clear just what this "test" would have to be in order that the anxiety might become pathogenic, though it seems to emerge from the two previous moments in the inception of the anxiety hysteria.
In view of the potential impossibility of the satisfaction of the desire for the mother, the initial form of the anxiety, the anxiety now uses the means already at its disposal, repression (the peculiar twists and turns that repression can affect in the field of representation) together with the short-circuit of the ego in conscious perception, to produce the fully developed anxiety hysteria with its choice of the phobic object.