anxiety attack

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a sudden acute episode of intense anxiety and feelings of panic

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Controlling the amygdala is the vital thing to mastering precisely how to cease panic and anxiety attacks naturally.
After a particularly trying anxiety attack, I walked my dog along the bike path.
In my case, overexertion or the least amount of stress can trigger a severe flushing episode that feels like an anxiety attack.
The diagnosis: The patrolman had had an anxiety attack.
Freud ascribed his red-light district anxiety attack to the public curiosity his accidental tourism aroused.
During a lactate-induced anxiety attack, blood flow increases in the temporal poles, the same regions implicated in nonpanic anxiety.
This is where depression and anxiety attack because most women feel that society still sees females as inferior to males.
But SeSe insisted her collapse was an anxiety attack.
Her brother Gerry said she had suffered an anxiety attack, and Britain's Got Talent judge Morgan said he was glad she would now have the time to rest and recover after weeks of intense media scrutiny.
Lou is rushed to hospital and is diagnosed as having suffered an anxiety attack, but refuses to tell Harold the truth about his condition.
She apparently had an anxiety attack, and was unprepared by her work -- for an allergist in a hospice -- for the drama.
Throughout, the calm colors of childhood escalate to the hyperviligant, nearly psychedelic hues of an anxiety attack - you get the sensation that despite the familiarity of the figures and scenes, there is no safety here - there's always a girl looking worried, a girl running.
In 1993, similar sentiments have thrown the country--or at least the opinion makers who define the spirit of our age--into an anxiety attack over jobs.
The singer also said that she projectile vomited on someone because of an anxiety attack.
James said: "I had an anxiety attack, maybe because I gave everything to my performance.