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Synonyms for anvil

a heavy block of iron or steel on which hot metals are shaped by hammering

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the ossicle between the malleus and the stapes

References in classic literature ?
There's the stuff, flinging the pouch upon the anvil.
He threw tough copper into the fire, and tin, with silver and gold; he set his great anvil on its block, and with one hand grasped his mighty hammer while he took the tongs in the other.
Some weak framed blacksmith, perhaps, whose delicacy of muscle might have suited a tailor's shopboard better than the anvil.
Among several persons collected about the doorsteps, the most remarkable was a sturdy mountaineer, of six feet two and corresponding bulk, with a heavy set of features, such as might be moulded on his own blacksmith's anvil, but yet indicative of mother wit and rough humor.
It becomes our disagreeable duty to record here, that the acts of Benjamin now became violent; for he darted his sledge-hammer violently on the anvil of Mr.
Karen Anvil, the person behind Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's viral Christmas Day photo, met the royal couple during their trip to Birmingham.
The bottom of the pocket was formed with a round teat, or anvil, in the center and two small flash holes on either side.
Presented annually by the PRSP, the Anvil Awards marks the yearly development of the field's practice.
The SEC announced that a judge issued an order finding Anvil Partners Inc.
THE ashes of a trainee blacksmith who was killed in a car crash have been blasted into the sky on an explosive anvil.
7 August 2017 - North Hampshire, US-based piping system manufacturer Anvil International has acquired the North American mechanical business product suite of Grinnell Mechanical Products from Wisconsin, US-based building control systems supplier Johnson Controls, the company said.
NORTHUMBERLAND-BASED Anvil Homes has started the development of its new residential scheme in the village of Great Whittington in the Tyne Valley.
Burt Enterprises Acquires Florida's Anvil Paints and Coatings
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 11, 2017-One Equity Partners acquires Anvil International
Featuring CMMG's distinctive powerbolt design, the MkW Anvil "allows the rifle to utilize a modified AR10-sized bolt for increased durability taking this caliber to its full potential," said Chris Reinkemeyer CEO of CMMG.