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She ticks off other sources of irritation around the rectum that may not be related to impacted anal sacs: Some dogs can have an allergy that manifests around the anus and is not an anal-sac problem at all; still others might have a tumor or polyp in the rectum or anal sac.
On enquiry, he reported that he was a known case of imperforate anus at birth and was operated on the third day of life to create a permanent loop sigmoid colostomy in left iliac fossa.
Here we present a case of a 29 year old male with a 10x3 cm metallic foreign body inserted through anus and was managed with emergency laparotomy.
Diagnosis was made according to shunt catheter protruding from the anus during digital examination.
Mascherano said that he sustained a torn anus while making a match-saving tackle on Netherlands ace striker Arjen Robben late in their sudden death encounter, before Argentina went on to reach the final on penalties.
Venkat Sripathi, a senior consultant urologist at Apollo Hospitals, where the surgery is going to take place told a Tanzanian newspaper that process would involve separating the spine, anus, rectum, penis and urethra.
Examination reveals a tender, oedematous, haemorrhoidal mass protruding from the anus (Fig.
Manila: A four-year-old boy died after a petrol farm attendant forced compressed air into his stomach through his anus.
They forced the hose into Essam's anus until he was screaming and saying 'Please, I'm bleeding' and the detectives just struck him on the back of his neck.
This can damage both the nerves controlling muscles that move the tail--causing it hang straight down like a drooping flag (known as denervation)--and the nerves that control the bladder and the anus.
A Zimbabwean man who made headlines earlier this year after a bizarre ritualistic treatment nearly severed both his arms is living with a stick up his anus.
Flanders, are visible as pinhole-size openings at the four o'clock position on one side of a dog s anus and at the eight o'clock position on the other side.
Dogs have scent glands near their anus, which contain a foul-smelling secretion.
On clinical examination, it was found to be due to absence of anus.