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of or relating to an inability to urinate


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Acute anuric bilateral ureteral obstruction in malignant lymphoma.
Mr X developed anuric AKI and required the initiation of HD treatment during his hospital stay, which was continued for a short period of time after he was discharged.
Acute ingestion of PPD causes angioneurotic oedema of the neck and face, often requiring an emergency tracheostomy in children, and anuric or oliguric renal failure with chocolate-brown urine and rhabdomyolysis.
It may be manifested with different clinical pictures ranging from asymptomatic creatinine elevation to anuric renal failure.
Acute renal failure in malaria is usually oliguric (<400 ml/day) or anuric (<50 ml/day) but urine output may be normal or increased.
Ravindra Mehta; Since AKI has a wide spectrum of manifestations, ranging from unrecognized alterations in serum creatinine to anuric renal failure, the clinical context and setting strongly influence the natural history of the disease.
The patient became anuric and continuous veno-venous haemofiltration was initiated via a right internal jugular vascular catheter.
Good-Bad Words and Jargon Good Words Bad Words (Jargon) Accountable Accident Anuric Caring Death BMP Professional Fault CBC Highly trained Neglect PERRLA Table 2.
Acute uric acid nephropathy typically presents as oliguric or anuric acute renal failure and is most frequently seen in the setting of massive tissue destruction because of tumor lysis syndrome.
The neonate had low blood pressure but was anuric and overhydrated.
Post operatively, the patient remained in anuric renal failure and developed respiratory failure requiring a tracheostomy.
She inaccurately exclaimed that she can urinate, even though she is anuric, and that she can walk after not having done so for 5 years.
Her condition deteriorated, and she became anuric and confused.