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of or relating to an inability to urinate


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Although not statistically significant, fewer patients were anuric at one year in the furosemide group (five per cent versus 22%).
The patient remained anuric for 17 days, required 17 peritoneal dialysis procedures, and six infusions of packed red blood cells.
PD has not been widely used as a treatment option for anuric patients because it is commonly believed among health-care professionals that PD is most effective when patients still have some of their natural kidney function.
She also had fever with several hard, shaking chills, and she had been anuric since the onset of the symptoms.
Postoperatively, the patient's abdomen became tense due to rapid distension , and urine output diminished to the anuric range.
At this point, the patient was hypotensive, required pressor support, and was anuric.
Lotensin HCT is contraindicated in patients who are anuric.
A diuresis of 200 ml was attained over two hours, whereafter the patient became anuric.
They were completely anuric and routinely dialyzed for 4 h, 3 times weekly.
Blood samples from both the recipient and donor were obtained before the transplantation, and spontaneous urine samples were obtained from the previously anuric recipients post transplantation.
Renal replacement therapy by continuous veno-venous haemodiafiltration (CVVHDF) was required to manage acute anuric renal failure with hyperkalaemia (potassium 6.
2]; mean age [+ or -] SD, 53 [+ or -] 7 years) renal insufficiency, respectively; group 4 included anuric patients (mean age [+ or -] SD, 54 [+ or -] 7 years) receiving hemodialysis three times a week.
Upon admission to ICU the patient required high-dose inotropes, was anuric and had an ischaemic liver injury.
Her urine output decreased, and she became anuric early the next morning.