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A simplified table for staging anuran embryos and larvae with notes on identification.
A phylogenetic analysis of Pleurodema (Anura: Leptodactylidae: Leiuperinae) based on mitochondrial and nuclear gene sequences, with comments on the evolution of anuran foam nests.
The effect of sound level, temperature and dehydration on the brainstem auditory evoked potential in anuran amphibians.
Variable response of anuran calling activity to daily precipitation and temperature: implications for climate change.
The ilium is often considered to be one of the best skeletal elements upon which to base fossil anuran identifications.
(2010) Cases of Abnormal Amplexus in Anurans (Amphibia: Anura) from Bulgaria and Greece.
SCHIESARI, L.C., 2004.--Performance Tradeoffs across Resource Gradients in Anuran Larvae.
Motivated by the need for further research on how artificial lighting may affect anuran calling behavior in group settings, a field experiment was conducted in Texas to determine how temporary experimentally introduced artificial light affects male anuran breeding calls.
Anuran said Gonzales' next big test may be held on June this year with a foreign opponent.
In: Tadpole: the biology of anuran larvae (McDiarmid RW, Altig R, eds), The University of Chicago Press, London, 458 p.
This sampling was done to ensure representativeness of anuran species in different habitat types.
The ventral skin, kidney, and urinary bladder are important osmoregulatory organs for adult anuran amphibians.
spatulata for the presence of parasites and other organisms to contribute to the knowledge of this anuran species.