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a toroidal shape

(Fungi) a remnant of the partial veil that in mature mushrooms surrounds the stem like a collar

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Intrinsic's proprietary Barricaid anular prosthesis is a barrier that securely closes ruptures in the anulus fibrosus, the outer structure of the disc.
As for other movements, axial rotation and/or side-bending will result in torsional forces applied to the lumbar IVDs, and resisted by the nature of the rings of the anulus fibrosus [13,14].
Bu ustunluk hem efektif orifis alaninin arttirarak daha ustun bir hemodinami ve performans saglamakta ve hem de aort anulus genisletme gibi ek cerrahi prosedurler ile hastanin daha fazla mortalite ve morbiditeye maruz kalmasini engellemektedir.
a developer of novel lumbar spine anulus closure devices, announced today that it has enrolled the first patient, December 17, 2010, in a Randomized Clinical Trial of its Barricaid device.
Left ventricular incision midway between the mitral anulus and the stumps of the papillary muscles during mitral valve excision with or without rupture or aneurysmal formation: analysis of 10 necropsy patients.
The study represents one of the largest prospective randomized clinical studies in spine with the goal of providing further evidence to support the benefits of preservation and repair of the anulus.
16) eriskin RA'li hastalarin sag ve sol ventrikullerinde geleneksel ekokardiyografik yontemlerle sag ve sol ventrikul Doppler bulgularindan deselerasyon zamani ve izovolumik relaksasyon zamani degerlerinde uzama oldugunu, ayni hasta grubunda bakilan mitral anulus doku Doppler bulgularindan her iki ventrikulun E'/A' oraninin daha dusuk, E/E' ve A' degerlerinde yukselme oldugunu belirtmislerdir.
com/) is a revolutionary partial disc prosthesis that enables surgeons to directly reconstruct the anulus of the intervertebral disc in patients with lumbar disc herniations and sciatica as part of a standard, minimal access discectomy procedure.
Xclose provides a simple, convenient method for treating the compromised soft tissue of the anulus fibrosus.
As the pioneer in anular repair, this study represents Anulex's commitment to provide further evidence to support the benefits of preservation and repair of the anulus.