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Synonyms for antsy

nervous and unable to relax

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My suggestion: when you feel antsy, just, note the antsiness and return to your practice--be it paying attention to the breath, the body, or whatever form it takes.
Back when fidget spinners were all the rage, Antsy Lab came up with a clever idea to make something similar, although slightly more stimulating.
Meanwhile, you seem a bit antsy or trying to mentally prepare yourself for a meeting that may change your destiny.
So, on Day 32 post-op, I got antsy and went out to my treestand and shot a beautiful 10-point buck.
Beach House Group's Antsy Pants is a new line of constructive build-and-play kits that encourages limitless options of imaginative play, and through its exclusive availability at Target, Antsy Pants will help support KaBOOM!--a national nonprofit that helps to build playgrounds--through a donation for each product purchased.
It doesn't help that the former is an eccentric goofball who can't wait to hang up his badge for cocktails on the beach, while his partner is an antsy drip who's reluctantly roped into the score by degrees.
Teachers will offer such breaks before they get too antsy and act out.
Sometimes I'm with the kids thinking, 'Is it time for a glass of wine yet?' I can feel myself getting a bit antsy but it's only 4pm.
Coventry was home to two active RAF bases between 1936-1945; RAF Antsy and Baginton.
Holed up in Cebu the last couple of months, Nietes is getting antsy to fly to Los Angeles not merely for a change in scenery but for a worthy sparmate.
Readers of F&J in recent weeks should not be surprised by the news that Dem state chairs and other party bigwigs are starting to feel more than antsy about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the increasingly arrogant and just about insufferable chair of the DNC.
The video showed crowds of bloodied men running through the streets and antsy residents frantically upset about the violence they say is unfolding outside their homes as Afghan asylum seekers clash with Syrians.
Mother's little helper SNACKY WONDER, PS9.99, JML With the long car journeys this summer, we'd love something that will make sitting in traffic on the M8 with antsy kids in the back more bearable.
The good news -- Greece may get a bailout and it made stock buyers less antsy, and broadcasters capitalized with modest gains.