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bent or curved forward or upward

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5-1 mm long, 2-5 mm apart, antrorsely uncinate, green to reddish; Scape distinct, 11-15 cm long, ca.
Larger leaf blades wider than 2 cm; outer perianth series comprised of bristles or linear-fusiform elements, smooth; petal blades acute or acuminate at the apex, with a scabrous or antrorsely barbed awn.
Leaves 9-13, mostly basal; blades 55-105 cm long, 5-15 mm wide, flat to M-shaped, coriaceous, glabrous, the margins antrorsely scabrous.
5 mm wide, flat to M-shaped, glabrous, the margins smooth (at least proximally) or, more often, antrorsely scabrous, tapering into a long-attenuate scabrate tip.
5 mm wide, erect to spreading, triquetrous, coarsely ribbed, the angles antrorsely scabrous distally, smooth proximally.