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a small vascular growth on the surface of a mucous membrane

one of two forms that coelenterates take (e.g. a hydra or coral): usually sedentary with a hollow cylindrical body usually with a ring of tentacles around the mouth

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Sphenochoanal and ethmoidochonal polyps are less common than antrochoanal polyps.
The antrochoanal polyp was extirpated completely through the oropharynx using forceps.
6% cases of ethmoidal polyp and 45% cases of antrochoanal polyp.
INCLUSION CRITERIA: Bilateral nasal polyposis, antrochoanal polyp.
1 Diagnosis Antrochoanal polyp 11 10 Fronto maxillary sinusitis 10 12 Ethmoidal polyp 4 3 Table III: Intraoperative haemodynamic parameters Heart Rate(bpm) GroupC (n=25) Group D (n=25) * Preinduction: 84.
Antrochoanal Polyp (2%), Adenoid (1%), Maxillary polyp (1%), Mass in nasal cavity (1%), pan-sinusitis (2%) and polypoidal mass (1%) were the other findings.
Isolated sphenoid polyp often presents similarly to antrochoanal polyp & pathogenesis of both has also often been assumed to be the same.
The right-sided polyp mimicked an antrochoanal polyp and extended posteriorly to the nasopharynx without involving the maxillary sinus.
DISCUSSION: The antrochoanal polyp is a benign solitary polypoidal lesion that usually arises from maxillary sinus.
maxillary sinus and extending into the nasopharynx Provisional diagnosis of Antrochoanal polyp / Malignancy of left maxillary sinus were arrived at.
The presentation of a sphenochoanal polyp is similar to that of the more common antrochoanal polyp, but the two can usually be differentiated on computed tomography.
Maxillary sinus pathology: This was the most common indication with over thirty six patients having antrochoanal polyp related conditions such as chronic sinusitis which was seen in three other patients.
Endoscopic view of antrochoanal polyp appearing as a large oropharyngeal mass.
Following correction of the severely deviated septum, endoscopic examination with a 4-mm, 0[degrees] telescope clearly revealed a large antrochoanal polyp emanating from an accessory ostium of the left maxillary sinus (figure, B).