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a natural cavity or hollow in a bone

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In a study total numbers of antral follicles were greater in 10-12 months old heifer than by nearly 2 years old lactating cow which suggests that milking has a negative effect on follicular dynamics of cattle.
The mean number of antral follicles was higher in the left than in the right ovary in the follicular phase (115.
In the present study, when compared to controls the mean number of atretic follicles belonging to primary, pre-antral, antral (type 6 and 7) and pre-ovulatory category were significantly high in the treated group.
Assessment of the viability and growth of larger preantral and early antral follicles
De las muestras tomadas en la region fundica (Figura 4), el 40% fueron positivas en dos o tres pruebas y 25%, resultaron negativas, mientras que de las muestras tomadas en la region antral (Figura 5), el 22.
To determine the Cx43 expression (percentage of positive staining out of the total follicle or tissue area), digital images of the tissues containing primary (total 33; 6-11/treatment), secondary (total 118; 19-36/treatment) and antral (total 153; 14-67/treatment) follicles were taken and analyzed using a computerized image analysis program.
The antral phase of follicular growth begins when a secondary follicle begins to develop a fluid-filled antrum to become a tertiary follicle.
We thus currently propose to all patients undergoing ovarian cryopreservation to perform integrated oocyte aspiration from antral follicles of the tissue, followed by in vitro maturation (IVM) and oocyte cryopreservation as an additional fertility-preserving method," the authors explain.
m and found to be associated with the development of chronic antral gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcers, gastric cancer and mucosa-associated lymphoid tumors.
9% comparable a la conseguida con dos y tres fragmentos de mucosa gastrica antral (Cuadro 2).
Other proposed methods include vaginal ultrasound to measure ovarian volume and number of antral follicles and assays for inhibins, but currently the test characteristics for these are inferior to less invasive and less costly methods.
At 1 and 15 min after the ingestion, the antral area was estimated by tracing the mucosal side of the antrum with the caliper.
At endoscopy, the antral region of her stomach was swollen and inflamed, and the gastroenterologist could not enter or even adequately visualize the pylorus.