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a natural cavity or hollow in a bone

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In the present study, when compared to controls the mean number of atretic follicles belonging to primary, pre-antral, antral (type 6 and 7) and pre-ovulatory category were significantly high in the treated group.
Assessment of the viability and growth of larger preantral and early antral follicles
These results demonstrate that 1) expression of Cx43 increases with follicular development from primordial to antral stage; 2) expression of Cx43 in granulosa layer is greater than in theca layer which is likely due to the avascular nature of the granulosa layer, and 3) both level of energy and Se in maternal diet affect Cx43 expression in antral follicles.
We have reported a new case of an aggressive IPT that involved the maxillary sinus and orbit with extension into the infratemporal fossa, parapharyngeal space, anterior antral wall, and surrounding soft tissue.
In particular, we found that the number of caspase-3-positive apoptotic cells was significantly increased in granulosa cells of the antral follicles and in luteal cells of the corpus luteum of ovaries from rats exposed to BPA, suggesting that long-term BPA exposure during adulthood causes augmentation of follicular atresia and luteal regression in the ovary.
Bovine cumulus oocyte complexs (CoCs) were aspirated from small antral follicles (2-8 mm) using a 18-guage needle connected to a 10 ml strile syring that conatien 1 ml Oocyte Collection Medium (HEPES-TCM 199 (M7528) supplemented with 10% FBS (F6178), and 2 IU/ml of heparin), and the contents recovered into a 15 ml conical tube and allowed to settle for 10 minute.
Two antral and corpus biopsy specimens each were obtained at endoscopy for a total of 1 016 specimens, which were immediately placed in sterile bijou bottles containing 0.
Upon upper endoscopy, the most common pathology found was gastritis (24%) followed by gastric ulcer (20%), duodenitis (16%), esophageal ulceration (16%), esophagitis (8%), gastric polyps (8%), stricture (4%) and gastric antral vascular ectasia (4%).
In experiments the structure was able to nurture eggs from the "early antral follicle" stage to full maturity.
Controls: For the presence or absence of B19 DNA (n=36) in resected bowel tissues or archieved biosy tissues comprising of 10 antral (suspected of Helicobacter pylori infection) and 17 colonic biopsies (ulcerative colitis) and 09 (celiac disease) were taken.
Malabsorptive procedures shorten and reposition the antral portion of the small intestine, thereby decreasing the calories taken into the body.
Antral dyskinesia, also known as pylorospasm, commonly manifests as nonbilious vomiting in an infant.
Positive findings were reported in 47% of the study population and included angiodysplasias, aphthoid and serpiginous ulcers, active bleeding, varices, stenosis with ulcers, tumor, bleeding ileal polyps, gastric ulcers and GAVE (gastric antral vascular ectasia.
Antral wall distension exceeded 1 cm in virtually all patients who received VoLumen (100%) and milk (99%).