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of words: having opposite meanings


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[16] In terms of landscape preferences, it is important to realize that people are unlikely to be a homogeneous group, but rather a group of individuals with different, and often antonymous landscape preferences for landscape protection.
N + N [right arrow] N compounding: These types of compounds exist in three forms, N+N with antonymous formatives; N+N with synonymous formatives and adjunctions.
Most of subjects were graduates (349, 44.7%) antonymous to that reported by Sohi et al.
Soft power represents a concept perhaps antonymous in meaning to hard power and hinges on a state's capacity to find subtle and nonviolent means--particularly through cultural influence--to promote its national interest within the international arena in ways that concurrently reflect the interests of others.
I cannot go home." The problem, as her antonymous confession reveals, is that both his and the parents' homes are only physically located on the American map; their true continent is the "slued."
In studies of social psychology it is claimed that the term "reality" has three antonymous concepts: "ideal v.
So it's just as well that I gave the idea away." By way of these multiple verbal reversals (enhanced in the first case by editing), Cohen helps to position himself as a figure of antonymous claims.
Though SEPA has become more antonymous, violators of environment laws do not fear their violations may result in severe punishments.
However the two notions are normally somewhat antonymous. Solutions developed within the testing phase had unique mass and volume efficiencies.
There are dearly other ways of vindicating ones dignity; (44) if we take seriously the stories of the martyrs, some vindications of dignity may appear antonymous to flight.
This linking of all sorts of "professional" differences with human biology no doubt has a neutralizing effect on the disadvantage of the most dominated, as their differing journalistic interests, ideals and work can always be dismissed as immature, or in the case of women, as an expression of naturalness, both antonymous to the lay ideas of professionalism, which is always "cooked" (cf.
Depending on the context from which cultural values are produced, one often falls into the trap of binary oppositions, a Western way of thinking where heuristic devices such as openness and closure are opposing categories that exclude each other, as anarchy and dictatorship are antonymous and conflicting terms.
While on the surface "concentration" and "distraction" seem antonymous, the relationship between those words is actually more nuanced.
November 13, 2010 (JUBA) - The antonymous region of southern Sudan has accused the national army of abducting civilians attempting to return to the region ahead of January's independence referendum.
With absence one can look at not only the antonymous notion of separation but also at this idea of immensity.