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The antonymic euphemisms basir for dma and salim for ladigh are still in use in Modern Standard Arabic; cf.
Preposition-adjective compounds include the curious instance of antonymic prepositions compounding with the same adjective to yield two different verbs with the same meaning: slow down and slow up.
All he says in support of this notion is that synonymic and antonymic relationships characterize the members of a paradigm.
Indeed, his record is inflected both by the notion of belatedness and by its antonymic partner, prescience.
By extending the antonymic relationship between "black" and "white," the phrases suggest an associative opposition between "free" and "house" as well, implicating th e domestic as the space in which the free black is rendered a "nig.
Alternatively, the idea of police is in opposition to the idea of individual expression, lexicalized in this study by the antonymic concepts individualism/individualisme.
As knowledge about the national wealth became increasingly necessary, though, political arithmeticians began to distinguish between the manufacturing and the use of goods via the antonymic concepts of "production" and "consumption.
A traffic study proved that each business's peak hours of operation were antonymic to the other.
could indeed be used in both senses "under" and "above"--surely with different vowels--following the patterns in the related antonymic pairs in other languages: Maz.
Guillen, on the other hand, demonstrates that a word denoting the same object can have different, even antonymic, meanings in the same poem.