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It is quite another to see the lifelong heartache of a mother suffering a different kind of casualty of war, described so poign- antly by Mitchell.
Also, in all four cases, the control and description condition means were signific antly different (Tukey HSD test, p = .015 or better).
The rate of population growth exhibits an expected signific antly negative effect on real per capita GDP growth (Levine and Renelt, 1992).
The population has still decreased signific antly from the approximately 10,000 inhabitants present at the beginning of the twentieth century and the other 5700 people who were resettled in the area (Figure 2).
21), and it is equally hard to credit the generalization which Wood herself modifies very signific antly, that Browning "did not seem concerned about the mental agony of composition or the misery of getting uncomprehending reviews" (p.
For firms with larger earnings gaps in 1997, the test of medians reveals a signific antly smaller earnings gap in 1999 although the test of means is still insignificant.
Many of the papers, however, meet this challenge brilli antly, presenting new information and interpretations succinctly and provocatively.
canum leaves showed signific antly higher losses in blood glucose during the 13-week study period as compared to their respective controls.
On the other hand, boards containing strands oriented parallel to board length had signific antly higher MOR (p <0.001) and MOE (p <0.001) than boards containing either random or perpendicularly oriented (with respect to board length) strands (Fig.
Although in the expected direction, hypercompetitiveness failed to signific antly predict the sport purpose of obtaining a higher status career (i.e., provide skills to obtain top jobs, help reach the top in present job, provide opportunity for well-paying jobs).
Girodias took great care with the appearance of his books, whose covers were often eleg antly conservative in appearance.
Once treated, the originally wait-listed men also showed signific antly greater improvements in forgiveness, anxiety and grief.
"More import, antly," he says, "these classifications help predict species behavior.
Survey on Crime and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems has improved signific antly over the 20 years since its inception.
Those with less than university level education scored signific antly higher on FPerceivedK compared to university graduates.