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Synonyms for antlion

the larva of any of several insects

winged insect resembling a dragonfly

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Vella americana (Drury) is an acanthaclisine antlion found in the southeastern United States and Mexico, and possibly the largest antlion in the Western Hemisphere (Miller & Stange 1985).
Griffiths (1985) observed that the maintenance of traps constructed by antlion larvae of the species Myrmeleon quinquemaculatus Hagen, 1853 required a high energy cost and larvae that had their funnel destroyed had a 50[degrees] o lower growth rate compared to larvae whose funnel suffered no disturbance.
The prey was only offered on the first and fifth day of the experiments due to the fact that the prey capture rate of antlion larvae is low in the natural environment (Hauber, 1999).
Predatory interactions between ants and antlions (Hymenoptera: Formicidae and Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae).
The antlion started kicking, and he didn't knock the ant out of the pit.
The antlion quickly clamps its huge jaws around the victim and sucks it dry.
Hildrew and Townsend 1980, Richardson 1984, Malmqvist and Bronmark 1985), and pit-building antlion larvae (e.
In the photo below, the antlion has been uncovered.
Asymmetric competition in a natural population of antlion larvae.
Flashes of brilliant purple light up the sky as lilac-breasted rollers perform loop-the-loops, and at ground level, antlions litter the dry soil with conical-shaped booby traps to catch their prey, while white fortified bee eaters ruffle their feathers and take dust baths nearby.
In a Patch of Fireweed Injecting his great curiosity and by Bernd Heinrich wonder, Heinrich reveals each step Harvard University Press, 1984 of his thinking as he struggles with scientific problems: thermoregulation in moths and bees, aggregation by whirligigs, leaf manipulation by caterpillars, and behavior of dung beetles, antlions, and wasps.
Substrate particle-preference of wormlion Vermileo vermileo (Diptera: Vermileonidae) larvae and their interaction with antlions.