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deciduous horn of a member of the deer family

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Through his research, Demarais found there are three "pressures" that determine optimum antler size in nature.
Like arrowhead hunting, shed hunting requires training the eyes to look for a piece of an antler rather than the whole thing.
Lance was behind me and laughed as he picked up an antler just a few steps from where I had been.
We will divide each antler into four sections from top to bottom and study constituents and therapeutic effects of each part," pharmaceutical company Yuhan Corporation said.
Results showed that in areas with antler restrictions, nine percent hunted more often, six percent less often, and the rest the same.
Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus), Antler, Mesenchyme, mRNA differential display, RT-PCR.
To keep her dog interested and enthusiastic, she carries a spare antler to hide so that her dog will still be rewarded if he is unsuccessful in locating any recent sheds.
Shed Antler Training showcases a low-pressure but highly effective method for teaching any breed of dog to successfully search for, find and retrieve shed deer antlers.
Antlers of animals In the deer family are the fastest growing bone on earth, developing up to seven times quicker than skeletal bone.
uk with the subject ANTLER BAG GIVEAWAY by 19/7/14.
Antler chandeliers create a cabin look wherever you use them.
SCRIMP SCRIMP David Hunt ANT0329 antler 3-light rustic-coloured pendant PS178.
Make sure you and your partner are in agreement - no locking of horns SCRIMP Antler table lamp PS19.